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About Us

They say I shouldn't do this in the first place.


The business world is changing at lightning speed. To succeed, you need an agile partner to help lead you forward - not by taking the well-worth path, but by exploring every opportunity to prepare you for tomorrow. 



Delivered our expertise to business owners in 18+ states.


Delivered 1900+ training sessions, seminars, workshops, events.


The estimated 370k of organic combined social media followers, content views and clients since 2012.


clients are landing business in more than 114+ countries worldwide.

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Brittany Matthews


Brittany Matthews is a native of South Carolina and is a Certified Marketing Expert and Leadership Coach. In her book, "Position Yourself For Success," she shares strategies to overcome self-doubt for those who need an extra push to succeed. Brittany is an energetic, engaging individual who believes her purpose is to make a difference by inspiring leaders to excel through transformational leadership beyond required expectations and to work toward marketing success. 

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Our Journey


Brittany is best known for assisting individuals, teams, and organizations with achieving cutting-edge marketing strategies while enhancing leadership experiences in the digital age. Being the host of "The Promotion Lady Show," alone has helped many individuals with brand awareness by sharing their stories to millions of viewers. She is equipped to elevate employee engagement and coach business professionals in dynamic leadership development. Her career has not only spanned years working with industries around the country but also in a variety of business sectors.

She has over 15 years of leadership experience working with leaders at all levels and over 10 years in digital marketing. She has been a leadership educator, facilitator, program manager, trainer, and mentor. She has a distinguished record for helping organizations and individuals develop strategies to achieve optimal results by building trust, developing relationships, connecting with those they lead, and becoming influential and effective communicators- “Position Yourself For Success."

Brittany's husband, KaVeen Matthews, has been a valuable asset to the company, taking the lead in overseeing operations and providing innovative technologies to help businesses grow. His contributions have been instrumental in the success of the company over the years. They have excelled at influencing organizations strategically, operationally, and tactically. Their team directly consulted with over 500 small businesses, organizations, and communities nationwide. Their focus is to impact the economic development of desolate communities and prepare leaders for exponential growth.

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