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Our company follows a user-centric design approach to deliver a great online experience for its audience consistentlyTo help companies willing to glean a strong brand identity and recognition, we aim to securitize your target audience and business objectives in detail, before kick-starting any project.


A thorough comprehension of your audience will enable us to tailor the best user experience, catering well to your users. We aim to develop a stellar online experience that will not only support your business and communication objectives but leave your visitors in awe.


Upgrade your digital footprint today...

Design Services

Mobile App Development - Starting at $10,000

*Ask about our Mobile App & Website Bundle

Let's begin by translating your creative idea into a lucrative app design that will maximize your monetization potential. We jump-start your iOS and Android apps with quintessential features and industry-accepted contemporary design techniques, allowing them to swiftly reach Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

  • iOS & Google Store Submission

  • App Support Included

  • Push Notifications

  • Payment Processing


Mobile App Management - Starting at $540

We will manage mobile app analysis by promoting push notifications. Creating clickable pop-up messages that appear on your app users' to keep interactive traffic to maintain brand awareness. Our key strategy is alerting effective push notifications that are relevant and timely.

  • Push Notifications

  • Promotions & Analysis

  • Content Management 

  • App  Support


Website Development - Starting at $2,500

*Ask about our Mobile App & Website Bundle

At Premier App Solutions, we have a due process in place to build a successful website, industriously tailored to foster creativity and collaboration. The heady blend of technology and style that we offer, in conjunction with our expertise, enables your business to rock on the web and leave a lasting mark.

Web development services that showcase your business’ credibility and expertise. We create an online presence that attracts and engages your customers.

  • 1 Year of Hosting Included

  • Website Support Included

  • Custom Built Website

  • Mobile Optimized Design


Social Media Audience Building - Starting at $149

We examine all facets of your audience and use that information to reach them effectively and pull in new customers. Creating and promoting content is a necessary step in growing an audience and building your brand, but if no one is around to engage with it, it can fall flat. A significant piece of audience development content strategy is about getting that content seen by the right people.

  • Drive Traffic to Social Sites

  • Advertisements

  • Content Reviews


Leadership Training & Development
Marketing Communications
Call Centers
Learning & Organizational Development
Information Technology
Marketing & Branding
Targeted Advertisements
Business Performance Improvement
Finance & Accounting
PR & Media Relations
Business Development
Sales & Promotions
Strategic Alliances & Joint Ventures
Software Development
Vloging & Video Production
Social Media Advertisement & Management
YouTube Channel Development
Influencer Marketing
Email Marketing
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