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So You Have An App Idea?

Do you have a great idea for an app? GOOD!

That's just the starting point Here's a tip that helps you think through your app from idea to I-DID-IT!

What are your app’s key features?

What problems are you looking to solve? (I’m hungry and need to order food! I’m new to the city and want to meet some interesting people! What should I do for my anniversary date!?)

Is your app helping connect people that could benefit from a community? (that’s something that fitness apps often do!) Is it making an otherwise mildly annoying task easier? (easy recipes, life hacks, or some other life-saving piece of advice.)

You can start by listing out a couple of unique selling points that make your app special. Don’t know what your unique selling points are?

Try this: If you could brag about your app, what would you say first?

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